Wednesday, March 23, 2011

{Precious Parman Photos}

Hello world!!! I'm soooo excited to share photos from the latest photography session... This precious little one was born just a few weeks ago. We were able to do the session on one of the most glorious sunny days! The lighting was a bit challenging at first (thanks to Daylight Savings throwing me off a little), but we persevered! I hope you enjoy! More to come soon... check back soon!

These parents are wonderful and they let me do so many great shots... it just took a little over an hour!

John-boy got a little tired at the end but his sweet parents knew just how to calm him down... Once we decided he had had enough and when I thought I had plenty of great shots, they strapped him in his car seat. Wouldn't you know, he was immediately quiet... after hollering for quite a while. Amazing what a car seat can do....

Oh what a big yawn! The little man was tired before we even got started, but he was a trouper throughout the whole session. He is even more precious in real life... but these pictures do a pretty good job of showing him off :-)

The photographs were taken over in the Hampton Cove subdivision area... one of the most photographed places in Huntsville, so I've been told...

If you or someone you know would like to book a photography session, just shoot me an email

xoxo Sarah

Friday, March 11, 2011

{Applique Onesies}

I'm back!!! So I've been really busy working on design projects at work....I should have {before & afters} up here soon. I just had to take a break and get a little crafty. Check out these cute little Applique Onesies I made for my "expecting" friend:

I did these in no-time. Each one is made with love and leftover discontinued fabric samples {I love working for a furniture dealer Bragg's where I have access to such beautiful fabrics!} My husband calls me a fabric junkie because I have overflowing bins of fabrics.... waiting to be used on the next project.

How did I do this? I used a little bit of heat bond lite, an iron, a needle and thread. All found at our new JoAnn Fabrics. The onesies can be found at any baby store or Target store, etc.

{image from JoAnn Fabrics}
Simply draw a sketch of what you want to applique. My friend is having a boy, so I did a cute car, elephant and the letter "b" for their last initial. Once you have your drawn sketch (or printed from the internet :), make sure the scale is proportionate to your article of clothing. I used 0-3 months size, so I had to make the appliques tiny! Lay your cut out sketch over your desired fabric, with the heat bond sheet behind it and cut around the edges. Follow directions on the heat bond lite when you iron.

After you have your finished applique, the No-Slip Hoop stitch really helps keep your fabric taut while you stitch around the edges. Have fun!

{here's a close-up... the elephant even has a tail!}

Happy Friday!

Sarah :-)