Monday, November 29, 2010

{the Table is central...}

Setting the table... Now, how many of you remember this chore as a child? I still remember when my grandmother, whom we call "Bea Bea," taught me the proper way to set a table... Also, she always made sure there was something "pretty" at the center.

This Thanksgiving, as my cousins and siblings are taking on more responsibilities to put on the feast (so Bea Bea can enjoy her company and not be so busy in the kitchen), I volunteered to set the table.

After adding the leaf extension to my grandmother's table, I added the most beautiful hand-embroidered table cloth. Bea Bea reminded me that this particular tablecloth once belonged to her mother. What an heirloom!

Now for the china, she has so many options to choose from, however the most colorful option was her "Empress" and "Chateau" patterns. I absolutely LOVE this china pattern... always have! Most of these pieces she inherited from her sister-in-law. I remember playing "tea party" with my older sister as a child.... we loved to pretend having special guests of honor at our table...
The floral centerpiece took the most concentration. I used a harvest variety bunch of flowers from Sam's Club. They have a great floral selection (at a great price) and if you time it just right, you can get the best bunch! I used a low ceramic bowl with a floral oasis as my base. I started placing the sunflowers since they add the most punch, then followed with the yellow lilies. I filled in the rest with the colorful mums and greenery. Be careful to turn your vase often to keep the arrangement balanced. By using an odd number of tall, pigment dyed wheat pieces (found at Tuesday Morning for just a few dollars) I added a whimsical height without covering the view from across the table, per Bea Bea's special request....
By flanking the large centerpiece with two small crystal bowls, the table is balanced. I used the goldenrod in each smaller vase and used the remaining large mums for a burst of color.
What a feast!The Table is so central in our family. Not only special occasions, but just about any meal time, "we gather together to ask the Lord's blessing" {my grandfather's favorite song.} As the story goes, Bea Bea's father built a table in each house they lived in as their family grew. When they moved, the table was too big to move so they left it with the house. My grandmother was 1 of 8 children, 6 of whom were boys... You can imagine how big the table was as the family grew and spouses joined in at the table...

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thanks for checking in...


Thursday, August 12, 2010

{gardening and "pure project"}

Greek Oregano that is so fragrant!
 I started this basil from little seeds....
and have loved watching it grow!
So, this summer has been hot... ok, extremely hot! I've somehow managed to grow a "potted" herb garden on our patio, but the heat is making them struggle a bit.

Apparently, when the heat saps the plants, the bugs come from near and far to feast on the struggling plants. Thanks to my sweet Mom, I learned about an amazing stuff called Seven Dust.You just sprinkle it over the leaves and it kills the bugs, but won't harm humans... So we can still make our pizza's with fresh herbs! Yay!
One of the many grasshoppers living on my Maiden Hair Fern.

Along with gardening, I'm learning to appreciate live greenery in my home. My husband is great about getting fresh flowers often for me, but sometimes it's the simple green that makes me happy. I decided to link up with Pure Style Home to participate in Lauren's "Pure Project."

I had so much fun adding a "happy" to my kitchen! Thanks for the inspiration, Lauren!

Lemon Thyme + Oregano in the smaller vessel... with a mix of Sage and Maiden Hair Fern leaves in the taller one. Basil clippings are in the fun red vase that one of the swim team kids gave me!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

{not just another design blog...}

I, Sarah Cruze, am a thirty-year-old newlywed and Registered Interior Designer living in North Alabama. My design philosophy is to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, respect the interests/styles of others and appreciate good design when I see it. I believe that everyone's home can be uniquely their own. At Sarah Cruze Designs, I embrace the true essence of being resourceful, organized and living "simply." So why am I starting this blog you might wonder? No, it's not just another design blog.... My hope is that my musings will inspire others to create, explore and appreciate the simple pleasures in life, with me.

Living here for just a few months after getting married this year, I have noticed a few things about Huntsville. It is a beautiful town primarily populated with pragmatic people, namely engineers. Don't get me wrong, I have a unique love for engineers; my father is one, and I am married to one! But this town also needs more creative people. So, here I am.  After earning a dual BA degree in Art Education and Photography from the University of Kentucky (UK- GO CATS!) and an additional degree in Interior Design from Samford University, located in Birmingham, I am officially ready to kick off the start up of Sarah Cruze Designs.

My husband is my biggest fan of what I do. What is that you may ask?  Help clients make their house a "home" choosing all the right colors and designing with simplicity.... Help organize client's homes and de-clutter the non essentials....  Ready client's home to sell for more profit and in less time, AKA home staging....  Photographing special moments, precious faces and breathtaking landscapes. Additionally, I study pretty handwriting and am a self-taught calligrapher.... So if you want those wedding or birthday invitations to go out in style, allow me to hand-address them. Oh, and I design logos, too! If you are in need of any of my creative services, just call or write me:

This summer, I have the pleasure of coaching the Whitesburg Tide swim team, teaching swim lessons and managing the Whitesburg pool (yes, I was a collegiate swimmer at UK, too!). Interested in joining Whitesburg Pool or following the swim team results? Check out the Website:

I will still be available for design consultation appointments. I will post project "before and after" photos as they come. In the mean time, I'd love to tackle your design challenges or photograph your little darlings, or not-so-darlings ;-)... Just give me a call to set up an appointment! 256-655-3667 +