Thursday, August 12, 2010

{gardening and "pure project"}

Greek Oregano that is so fragrant!
 I started this basil from little seeds....
and have loved watching it grow!
So, this summer has been hot... ok, extremely hot! I've somehow managed to grow a "potted" herb garden on our patio, but the heat is making them struggle a bit.

Apparently, when the heat saps the plants, the bugs come from near and far to feast on the struggling plants. Thanks to my sweet Mom, I learned about an amazing stuff called Seven Dust.You just sprinkle it over the leaves and it kills the bugs, but won't harm humans... So we can still make our pizza's with fresh herbs! Yay!
One of the many grasshoppers living on my Maiden Hair Fern.

Along with gardening, I'm learning to appreciate live greenery in my home. My husband is great about getting fresh flowers often for me, but sometimes it's the simple green that makes me happy. I decided to link up with Pure Style Home to participate in Lauren's "Pure Project."

I had so much fun adding a "happy" to my kitchen! Thanks for the inspiration, Lauren!

Lemon Thyme + Oregano in the smaller vessel... with a mix of Sage and Maiden Hair Fern leaves in the taller one. Basil clippings are in the fun red vase that one of the swim team kids gave me!